Integration of Lithium-Iron Battery

The company provides the energy storage systems by using the lithium-iron (LiFePO4) battery as a kind of clean energy that considers environmental good. The integration of the lithium-iron (LiFePO4) battery has a wide range of applications, such as UPS (uninterrupted power supply), electronic mobiles, electronic boat, DC Power supply and regulator and others. 

LYNOPower Energy Technology Inc. (“LYNO”), a Nevada Corporation, is a world leading and professional LiFePO4 Battery Cell & Module Manufacturer. WMHI has developed a strategic partnership with LYNO. Under the cooperation, LYNO will be in charge of various lithium-iron LiFePO4 battery modules production and assembling, and serves the role of supplier to WMHI, while WMHI will serve the role of a distributor of battery modules to meet different customer needs.



UPS Lithium-Iron Battery Module

ApplicationUninterruptible Power Supply
Battery module3.2V/30000mAh
TypeLithium-Iron battery cells
Rated capacity90,000mAh
Battery control systemBattery balance management/ protection of relay switch/ RS 485 communication interface
Assembly type36 series & 3 parallel
Internal impedance155 ± 0.5 m Ohm
Connection typeAnderson connector
Volume of space360mm (Length) X 1,780mm (Width) X 255mm (Height)
WeightApprox: 260 kg
Required to charge in Volt133 ± 2 V, 115 ~ 119 V
Discharge in Volt86.4 ± 3.6 V
Charging currentStandard: 18Ah(0.2 C)/Up to 90Ah (1C)
Discharge currentStandard: 90Ah(1C)/Up to 450Ah (5C)
Excessive charge & discharge current protection500 Ah /5 seconds
Working temperatureCharging: negative 20 C ~ positive 45C / discharging:negative10C ~ postive80C
Life of battery pack loop lifeCharge & discharge1000次 ≧85% or 3 years